Maykel Jiménez Guerra

Maykel Jimenez Guerra studied a Degree in Physics at the University of Granada (UGR), doing an ERASMUS internship at the Università del Salento in Italy. Afterwards he performed two different Master Degrees (Master in Education and Master in Nanotechnology) at the UGR. He worked in a project related with the application of micro-gels for the pharmaceutical industry (including characterization of thermos-sensitivity and biocompatibility of the micro-gels), acquiring experience in several characterization techniques.


Currently, he is performing the PhD studies in the frame of SENSATE, working on the optimization of selective contact for novel quasi-1-dimensional materials (Title: Selective Contacts for Q-1D materials based solar cells). The PhD is supervised by Prof. Edgardo Saucedo (UPC) and Dr. Yudania Sánchez (IREC).