Sensate team attended the 2023 MRS Spring Meeting

The SENSATE research group recently had the pleasure of participating in the 2023 MRS Spring Meeting held in the vibrant and scenic city of San Francisco, USA. Our team made a significant impact with an impressive number of contributions, presenting three posters, seven oral presentations, and one invited talk across four symposia. We covered a wide array of topics, ranging from experimental thin film photovoltaics to emerging absorbers, photocatalysis, density functional theory (DFT) investigations of new materials, innovative 2D MXene electrodes, and even thin film-based artificial synapses.


Our team’s active participation and in-depth presentations were well-received by the audience, generating a high level of interest and stimulating engaging discussions. This positive feedback is a testament to our commitment to remaining at the forefront of innovation in the material research community.


Attending the MRS conference was also an exceptional opportunity for us to network with various research groups from around the world. We were able to engage in meaningful discussions and exchange ideas, which will undoubtedly lead to potential collaborations in future research projects.


Overall, our team’s attendance at the 2023 MRS Spring Meeting was an invaluable experience. We gained valuable insights from attending presentations by other experts in the field, showcased our contributions, and enhanced our network of connections, which will prove beneficial for future collaborations. We look forward to attending future conferences and continuing to contribute to the material research community’s ongoing advancement.