Edgardo Saucedo give an Invited Talk at the RENEWABLEMEET 2023 in Rome.

From 13 to 15 March 2023, Edgardo Saucedo participates in the International Conference on Renewable and Sustainable Energy: RENEWABLEMEET 2023 at Rome, Italy.

RENEWABLEMEET 2023 is aimed to all scientists, academicians, young researchers, business delegates and students from all over the world. It provides a platform of international standards where SENSATE will be able to discuss and share key advances in Renewable and Sustainable Energy. In addition to Presentations, Workshops, and Discussions, the conference also offers a unique venue for renewing professional relationships, networking and for remaining up-to-date variations in our challenging and expanding discipline.

You can visit the RENEWABLEMEET 2022 web page here:


Edgardo presented the very latest results on the development of van der Waals materials for photovoltaic applications in the frame of SENSATE.

In the presentation he introduced a novel family of materials based on mixed Sb and Bi chalco-halides [(Sb,Bi)(S,Se)(Br,I)]. The first part was devoted to reviewing the most relevant results reported so far for the few examples available in the literature, along with a deep review of the fundamental properties of these compounds obtained by DFT modelling. In the second part of the presentation, the complexity of the synthesis of mixed chalco-halides were discussed, and a new methodology for their synthesis developed by the UPC team, and based on the combination of co-evaporation of chalcogenides and high-pressure reactive annealing under halogen atmosphere, were presented. The last part of the presentation were devoted to the challenges and possible technological solutions for the fabrication of planar-heterojunction solar cell devices with these innovative photovoltaic absorbers, showing for the first-time conversion efficiencies with these architectures between 1-5% and with very encouraging Voc values above 600 mV in some cases.