Edgardo Saucedo, coordinator of the Sensate project, take part in a workshop at the CNRS – Université de Strasbourg

On 8th November 2022, Edgardo Saucedo shares the results in the 1st International Workshop on «Chalcogenides for electronics and photovoltaics» with a lecture entitled «Synthesis and combinatorial monitoring of complex chalcogenide thin films».

Edgardo shared the untapped results in the investigations conducted within the Sensate Project, thanks to his four research lines: 1. Low dimensional materials for photonic applications, 2.photovoltaic technologies with earth abundant elements, 3. highly selective electric contacts, and 4. innovative photovoltaic devices for highly selective electric contacts ultra-high efficiency.

In this presentation the professor explained all the processes that have led them in their investigations to reach the conclusions obtained. And the publications that support his findings.