Maykel and Zacharie, 2 members of SENSATE project, expose their works at the MRS Spring Meeting in Honolulu

During the last edition of the MRS Spring Meeting & Exhibit placed in Honolulu from 23 -25 May 2022, the team of SENSATE project presents their results.

MRS Spring Meeting & Exhibit has the on-site and the virtual congress to promote, share and discuss issues and developments across disciplines. Our team share their research with colleagues that assist to the more of 50 symposium sessions within nine topical clusters.

You can visit the 2022 MRS Spring Meeting & Exhibit web page here.

Also, you can find the final program of the congress here, and look the abstracts admits.


Maykel Jimenez poster intends to explain the analysis they make about the modification of the Sb2Se3 / CdS interface, performing the largest chemical etching study to date for this material, and attempting to develop an intermediate step between the CdS deposition and the absorber synthesis. They demonstrate that the presence of oxides stabilizes the uppermost surface through the formation of robust interfaces, enhancing the resilience and stability of the devices. In addition, KCN selective etching exhibits a remarkable improvement on the devices properties, mainly on the fill factor (FF), and reporting a FF record of 63% and a conversion efficiency over 5%. Based on these results, and through a complete characterization, including: photothermal deflection spectroscopy, Raman spectroscopy, x-ray photoemission spectroscopy, x-ray diffraction, x-ray fluorescence, scanning electron microscopy; combined with a complete device’s characterization including spectral response and J-V analysis in light, dark and with temperature; the possible contributions of the different surface recombination origins will be thoroughly discussed.